Thursday, January 11, 2007

You don't sleep with the enemy

Jeralyn Merritt says "Democrats are upset".

No! I would never have imagined such a thing! Democrats seem to be so easygoing!

Oh, wait. There's more. "Democrats are upset, among other things, at Bush's lack of consultation with them over the plan. By the time he met with them, the plan was a fait accompli."

Oh, wah. Seriously, all one has to do is peruse the blogs and forums that have, as their audience, the Democratic base voter. All of them treat Mr. Bush as the enemy, and have for as long as he has been on the scene.

Uh, oh. Here come the calls of "He started it!" "He did it first!" "Did you see what he did?" "Mom, he's touching me. He's looking at me! Daaaaad!!!"

Don't make me come back there. If I have to stop this blog...

Democrats have a vested interest in Mr. Bush failing. He would be the fool the left makes him out to be if he sat down with his political enemies to come up with a plan that would, among other things, save his political skin. Maybe that is it- they are upset that he did not act like the fool they think he is.

It would be very nice if Democrats and Republicans could sit down and work together on matters of national and international security, setting partisanship aside. Sounds like a plan to me. It would work! Why? "Because it has to!"

UPDATE: I found the sheets. Got my pillow. I am good to go for tonight.

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