Sunday, January 14, 2007

Yeah, That's Really Moderate

Joe Gandelman, the so-called "Moderate Voice," is likening Tucker Carlson to a horse's ass.


Because some idjit working in a movie rental store decided it would be just fun as all hell to post that a certain customer, who happens to be a conservative pundit on TV with a poor sense of fashion and two left feet, had just opened an account at his store, and he just might post what the dude was renting.

Gandelman decided that the person in the wrong here is Tucker Carlson, not the idjit rental counter worker. He even added the idjit to his blogroll.

Sorry, Joe. The guy deserved to get fired. He had no right to violate the confidentiality of the store's customers (which he did by mentioning that Carlson had even opened an account there). He had no right to, even in jest, threaten to expose what Carlson had been renting. Believe it or not, even wingnuts should be able to live their lives without moonbats salivating over the opportunity to embarrass them at every opportunity, and without faux-centrists piling on.

Nice self-portrait photo in the post, though, Joe.

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