Friday, January 12, 2007

Good for them

By them, I mean Senators Tester and Webb, freshman Democrats, and DeMint, Republican. McQ has the details.
Now it is the Senate's turn. In the Senate, the rules won't allow one party to deny the other party debate or the ability to offer amendments. So not at all satisfied with the Democratic Senate version of the bill (Legislative Transparency and Accountability Act of 2007 (S. 1) which had very weak earmark reform rules, Republican Senator Jim DeMint, a strong advocate of earmark reform, introduced an amendment (amendment 11) which essentially offered the Pelosi reforms from the House version of the bill...
UPDATE (4:29pm): It should be noted that Senate Democratic freshmen, Jim Webb and Jon Tester, voted with Republicans to not kill the proposal. Will Reid successfully whip them into changing their vote?
So why do I only give props to DeMint on the GOP side? Because they were in the majority for a long time and did not do this then. It is very easy to believe that the primary concern of most of the Republicans voting here was not reform, but to embarrass the Democrats politically. DeMint has been pushing stuff like this since his first day, so he gets called out. There may be a few others deserving of kudos, but for the most part they did nothing.

Update Sen. Obama was also on the correct side of this vote. Sen. Clinton was not.

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