Wednesday, January 10, 2007

From the agreement folder?

Derbyshire says that this letter is from his "agreement folder."

Basically, Katrina should be viewed as a Godsend. An excuse to save the few historic and chaming places in the city and bulldoze the rest.
A Godsend? People who had little lost everything. Lives were lost. The best that can be said is that there are some opportunities to fix some broken areas, and that hardly outweighs the tragedy wrought by Katrina.

I am not sure what kind of mind would look at Katrina as a Godsend. I am not sure what kind of mind would take such a note and file it in the agreement folder. I am sure that they are not of my kind of mind.

The biggest problem National Review has with Derbyshire is that the others do not take him on regarding his nonsense often enough. They probably get tired of doing so, but the silence at times is awfully easy to take as tolerance for intolerable perspectives.

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