Friday, January 12, 2007

Is this blaming the ICC for genocide?

Spencer Ackerman thinks so.
[Stephen] Rademaker, until recently an assistant secretary of state for destroying international institutions, blames the International Criminal Court for the genocide. Seriously!
Seriously? No way! Way? Let's look at the source.
If this is where we end up in Darfur -- or if the genocide continues unabated because peacekeepers cannot be deployed -- there will be three culprits to blame: the bloodthirsty regime in Khartoum, the oil-thirsty government in Beijing and the U.N. Security Council's shortsighted decision to bring in the ICC.
This looks to me to be far from blaming the ICC for genocide. Instead, the op-ed makes a strong case that the blame goes to, in order, Khartoum's regime for conducting the genocide, China for not wanting to lose a vital trading partner in Khartoum, and the Security Council for not realizing what China would do.

Oh, and the title of Ackerman's post? "When Genocidaires Talk, The Right Listens." Cute. Except for the fact that the article names President Bush for his part in bringing in the ICC.
The Bush administration supported bringing in the ICC, not least because the perpetrators of the Darfur genocide are so richly deserving of prosecution.
The difference here is between idealism and pragmatism in the conduct of foreign affairs. It used to be that this difference was a primary one between the left and right, with the idealists on the left and the realists on the right. The tables have turned, and now there are more idealists on the right and more realists on the left.

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