Sunday, March 25, 2007

So Iran Has Taken Some Brits Hostage

What do we do?

What should the United Kingdom do in response? What should we do as their ally? What should we be advocating to Blair?

Right now, we have both parties in power. Both have a voice. Where is the discussion on this? Where is the debate?

We voted to have a divided government. We hoped this would lead to a constructive debate. Instead, what we have gotten is that the Democrats are waiting for Bush to take a stand, so that they can criticize it as being wrong. Meanwhile, Bush is not really taking too much of a public stance, probably because he is gun shy from being the Democrats' punching bag.

The result is that we, as a country, and our allies have once again become Iran's punching bag.

So what's the gameplan, folks? How do we stand up to Iran? If the problem with the war in Iraq was that the WMDs did not exist (at least to the extent we were led to believe), what about in
Iran where these weapons programs clearly do exist? What do we do with a country that is actively working towards killing our troops and to the extinction of one of our allies?

How do we prevent them from imposing their will on Iraq when we leave? If we leave, will that cause them to stop their provocations against the West, or will it encourage them?

How about putting aside the partisanship and actually handling things?

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